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Article I. - Platform

The International Organization of Good Templars (hereinafter called IOGT) is a worldwide community of non-governmental organizations, gathering together men and women of all ages, regardless of color, nationality, creed, social position or political persuasion. The aim of IOGT, founded in 1851, is the liberation of peoples of the world leading to a richer, freer and more rewarding life. As a means of attaining this aim, IOGT will promote a lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs.

The work of IOGT and its member organizations is built on the principles of universal fellowship and basic human and democratic rights. The Good Templar movement believes that each individual is unique and has an infinite value. Everyone is entitled to personal freedom and is obliged to work for the improvement of the quality of life for all people. IOGT seeks to promote democracy on all levels of society, which means that all citizens must have the opportunity to actively participate in decision making processes and freely express their opinions.

IOGT works for peace by promoting human development and dignity, democracy, tolerance, equality and justice. Furthermore, IOGT advocates the peaceful settlement of conflicts between individuals and groups. Member organizations are encouraged to work toward peace between nations.

IOGT recognizes that alcohol and other drugs constitute a serious threat to the dignity and freedom of many people and their societies.

As a part of the solution to alcohol and other drug problems, members of IOGT organizations choose to live life free from such substances.

IOGT develops comprehensive programs including prevention, reduction of consumption, education and rehabilitation of users and those they affect.

Article II. - Pledge

"Each member shall lead a daily life free from the use of alcohol and other non-medical use of dependence producing drugs and to promote public acceptance of this principle."

"Furthermore, each member shall agree to support and promote the principles of Peace and Brotherhood."

Council Officers

Ginny W.

Vice President
Deborah D.

Peter L.

Vickie B.

Past President
Peter L.

Sven Anne A.

Per Hugo K.

Public Relations &
Cynthia L.

Chaplain &
Peace Activities
Shawn B.

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